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Driving Blind

Posted in on September 8, 2005

I feel like I should be working on the book tonight, but I’ve been having trouble getting back into the swing of things after everything going down the last week or so. Fret not–I still intend to be done with the first draft of the book by the end of October, though I most certainly realize that every night I don’t work on the thing is more work I have to put into it later.

As I think I’ve likely mentioned here previously, I’m writing the book in a very seat-of-the-pants manner. No outline, no character sketches, no ending in mind when I started, all strategies gained from my National Novel Writing Month experiences. And honestly, 25% of the way into the first draft, I’m not sure if it’s working well or not. Yeah, OK, I’ve got almost 16,000 words down at this point, and that alone implies some sort of success given my previous efforts, but given that it’s hard to see very far ahead, it’s hard to judge how well I’m doing.

It’s like I’ve decided to drive to Florida, gotten out on the road and pointed myself generally south and hit the gas…now I’m several hours into the trip, but I don’t have a map, so I really have no idea how my route’s working out. I’ve got the sun to guide me some, and I know I’m going pretty much southerly, but I just don’t know if I’m on the best roads for getting me to Florida. Though I guess as long as I end up in Florida and not in Oregon, whichever way I got there was the right way, huh?

So anyway, to keep myself from having to do any writing on the book, I reverted the ol’ blog here back to its original design, but updated with all the new funky stuff I’d put into the sidebar over the last few months. I liked the simplicity of the old design, but I’d also grown pretty damn bored with that simplicity, so we’re back to this, which at the very least looks a bit more distinctive, I think. Hope you like it, ‘cause even if you don’t, I ain’t changin’ again for awhile.

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