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Positively Positive

Posted in Meta on October 24, 2014

A thing I want to do with this site: I want to be a source of positivity, to promote and praise things I like, rather than tearing down things that I don’t. The exact opposite of this Gawker post, for instance – yes, the post is funny, in that snarky, sarcastic way that the Internet loves. But the engagement announcement site that it’s mocking – while, yes, twee – is also done fantastically well and actually pretty sweet. The designer, Jessica Hische, has loads of talent and has done some stunning work for big-name clients, including the titles for Wes Anderson’s recent Moonrise Kingdom. The site apparently struck Gawker as too “hipster”; OK, fine, I can certainly see why that might be so.

But why insult Hische’s work – for her engagement, no less, a thing one would assume she’s quite happy about – to hundreds of thousands of readers? Why not just ignore it? (Because that’s not the way Gawker works, I know. Sarcasm is their stock in trade.)

Of course, had Gawker not chosen to put up their snarkily funny post lampooning the site, I never would have known about either it or Hische. So in a way, they’ve done her a tremendous favor and boosted her visibility by a truckload. Perhaps that was even their intent, to promote someone awesome by seeming to mock them.

But that’s not how I want to operate. I want to praise people or their work because I truly respect, admire or love what they’re doing, not inadvertenly boost someone by slamming them. There’s enough hatred in the world without my adding to it. I want to find work that inspires me and share it with youse guys. I want to do my infinitely tiny part to make the world a better place, even if it’s just by talking about movies or TV shows or comics or music I like.

In the words of food critic Anton Ego from Pixar’s Ratatouille (speaking of things I love):

“In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment. We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face, is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so.”

So let that be a new goal for Afterthought The AlliZone: bringing tiny pockets of positivity to the world by sharing works of awesomeness I dig. Hey, I like that.

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All wrestling referred to in the previous paragraph is metaphorical.